Microsoft form error cannot be distributed as it is asking for personal or sensitive information

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Unable to access my forms ... Can they be unlocked?  I have deleted any sensitive information from the forms.

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I had the same response as well. I created a registration form for my old Collegians school and had 114 responses so far then I tried to access and I had this message

This form can't be distributed as it is asking for personal or sensitive information.Terms of use
I have no idea which questions is personal or sensitive as they seem all above board?
Im stuck and have no idea where to go.
Did you get anywhere with your request Paula?
I’m still waiting on my end as well with the same issue.
I have ran out of options here



Same here.  Apparently a computer somewhere saw we asked for someone's name and email address and freaked out:  "Red Alert! Phishing Detected!"  I hope they fix this pronto.  

Yep, this seems to be the issue.  I understand the need.  But obviously there needs to be a way for us to contact real people, have them look at the forms, and reinstate them.  Otherwise I'll just use Google Forms for this in the future, as I have been for years...



I am replying to a few items:


1. Personal or Sensitive Information  - Check to see if you are using words like "password" or "secret" or "username". 


2. Phishing Issue - If you have been blocked due to Phishing detected you can get your Global Admin to check the Message Center to grant consent to your Form and this should correct the issue. 

Thanks a lot for the information! it solved my issue. @JohnnyLopez