Microsoft form collaborate link doest work

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All my colleagues receive this when trying to use a collaborate link for a form (for organisation members only). This is critical work and we need it sorted ASAP.


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Hi @John Debs


It appears to have been a few days since you posted this, any luck?


If not, can you confirm please if your colleagues are collaborating to share edit/view permissions for the Forms that they are creating?




Hi, I am getting the same issue with my colleagues, is there a workaround for this issue?@Damien Rosario 

Hi @Eren_Aslan 


Not that I'm aware of. Here's a few things I'd try try if I were experiencing the issue:


1. Delete the collaboration link, and then redo it and share with your colleagues again.




2. Copy the Form itself to make a new copy. Then share that and see if it helps.


3. Have your colleagues try a different web browser. Probably won't make a difference but at least it's process of elimination.


4. Still have issues? Log a ticket with Microsoft to see if they can help. There are also Microsoft staff who visit this forum so if any see this and can help, I notice they do tend to chime in.


Hope something in there gets a result for you.


Good luck


Thanks for the guidance @Damien Rosario much appreciated.

Please do let us know if any of the above does work for you, @Eren_Aslan. Other users may benefit if a fix works for you.


Best wishes