Merging Columns Created from Branching a Form

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Hello Everyone,


I'm trying to use Forms to help out my manager team but I'm having a little trouble with one part. The form will open with asking which Manager they are which then branches to a new section which asks which employee the form is being filled out for. In order to limit the list that each manager has to go through to find an employee, each manager has their own "employee section" with a drop down that only includes their employee. (See Capture.PNG) 

This works great when you're filling out the form. You specify yourself as the manager, click next, and get a drop down with only your employees instead of the entire org.

The problem comes in when looking at the results in Excel because each branch gets it's own column of data but when I want to analyze the data, all of the Employees should be in a single column. (See Capture2.PNG). Since I have 11 managers, that means I'll have 11 columns of employee data when really I just want 1. 


I'm sure I could fix this with some clever Flow-ing, but before I dive down that rabbit hole I was curious if there's either a way to "auto-merge" the columns or perhaps tell forms to treat questions from different sections the same.

Thanks for your help!

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@jlindine there's no way to auto-merge the columns in Forms nor a way to tell it to treat questions from different sections the same. So you will need to use a flow in Power Automate achieve what you want.


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@RobElliott Darn. Figured as much but thanks for the confirmation. Flow it is! Thanks for the quick response.