Max Questions using Likert

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I have a form that has 25 questions in it - all "Likert" type - and am unable to add any more questions.  It says the maximum number has been reached.  However I can't find any documentation that states a limit of anything close to 25. 


Typically I see 100 as the limit mentioned on maximum number of questions.  Does anyone know the real answer and why it would vary based on the question type?

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@Ryan Stone any updates on this? I am wondering the same thing about the 100 question a Likert considered 1 question, or is each Question/Response considered its own question...for instance, if we had a 10x10 Likert, would that max out the survey? 

@b_tomp yes, each likert statement is considered an individual question. So having a lot of likert questions and statements will reduce considerably the overall number of questions you will be able to have in your form.


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