Math Quizzes in presetation mode are not proberly rendered

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My math quizzes work perfectly well for our students but in presentation mode, all formulas presented are not rendered. I tried it with a different account of a friend: creating the same quiz works perfectly well (on the same machine / browser).


I am associated to a Microsoft 365 A5 for faculty subscription.






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you're experiencing issues with math quizzes in presentation mode. To address this problem, you may need to consider several factors and potential solutions:

Presentation Software Compatibility: Ensure that the presentation software you are using (e.g., PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote)   lunchtime bonus prediction for today  supports the rendering of math equations and quizzes properly. Some presentation software may have limited support for rendering complex math notation.

Math Equation Format: Check the format in which the math equations and quizzes are included in your presentation. Some presentation software supports LaTeX for rendering math equations. Ensure that the equations are correctly formatted in the supported syntax.

Fonts and Symbols: Sometimes, rendering issues can occur due to missing fonts or symbols required for math notation. Make sure you have the necessary fonts or math symbol packages installed on your computer.

Presentation Mode Settings: Review the settings in presentation mode to ensure that they are configured correctly. Sometimes, display or rendering issues can be resolved by adjusting settings related to slides and media.,.....................



Math formulas are not supported in presentation mode, that's a limitation right now.

They were supported before the latest update which now shows responses as a treemap. This happened a couple of weeks ago.
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The new presentation mode experience is being rolled out as described in Both the old and new experiences do not support math formulas in the question title. However, the old experience supports it for options, while the new experience does not, which is a regression. I have delivered this information to the product team, and they will prepare a fix.
Thank you for the information. I am looking forward to get this feature back into presentation mode as it is essential for many prepared quizzes.
The fix has been pushed to 100% production.

@Dingkun Xie now we just need to equations in the questions to show :)

After discussing with the Product team, it was confirmed that there are no plans to enable math equations in the question title at present. I will provide further updates if there are any changes from the Product team.

@Dingkun Xie I think you misunderstood my request. Currently we can enter an equation in the line below the question when equation mode is selected. It is this equation that does not show in present mode. Why would I want to present only part of a question?

@Sue_Q65   Thank you for mentioning this. This would also be one of my follow up questions. Below the question, one can add an equation as shown below:


Unfortunately, the equation is not shown in presentation mode:





There is no misunderstanding, as that's exactly what I confirmed with the Product team. Perhaps I shouldn't have labeled it as a question title, but unfortunately, the new experience is the same as the old one and there are no plans to support it yet. I have attached the old experience as a reference.





@Dingkun Xie That is very unfortunate as that makes present feature of no use to math teachers.