Making a drop down list a link in a form

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I created a form through the Microsoft Excel online function and was wondering if it is possible to make a drop down list in the form a link to a section of the form depending on what the user selects? I know this is possible in google forms but I'm curious if this is also possible in the Microsoft Excel online version.

Thank you!

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Hi @mede1 , I assume you mean Microsoft Forms rather than Excel as you've tagged the message with Microsoft Forms. At the moment branching is disabled if you have sections in your form, so currently what you want to do is not possible but you can vote for it at


If you remove sections then via branching you can jump to a specific question based on the answer in the dropdown.


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Thank you for your response @RobElliott! That is helpful to know (especially since I didn't know it is called "branching") and I will definitely vote! I mentioned Excel because I created the form through a workbook from Excel online.. apparently this is a little different than creating it directly from the MS Forms so I hoped there was a way to do that. Ah well.