locking form so those with link can only fill it

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I want to create an intake form using Microsoft Forms. However, I want only those who were given the link by ME to have access to the form. Meaning, if I send the form via link to Person A, and person A forwards the link to Person B, I would only want person A to be able to fill the form. Alternatively, is there any way to change the share link after it is used by someone? It's important to note that this form is going to be filled out by those outside of my organization. 




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@ettykd this isn't possible. Under your scenario anyone with a link to the form - however they got it - can respond.


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thanks @RobElliott 


do you know if there is any work around for the 100 question limit? 

@ettykd1 100 questions is the hard limit - see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/form-question-response-and-character-limits-in-microsoft-...


But it will be less than 100 if you use a lot of Likert questions as each option counts as 1 question.


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