Locked out of Forms today (only person in my tenant)

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So apparently I'm the only person locked out of Microsoft Forms in my tenant this morning.  Our admin confirmed no changes were made in the back-end and that Forms is still enabled.


I've tried signing-out of my browser (Edge/Chrome preview), signing into other browsers (Chrome, Firefox and normal Edge) and resetting my computer.  Nothing has worked so here I am.


Has anyone came across this before?





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Hi @AlexH980 


I'd suggest getting your Admin to toggle your access to Microsoft Forms off and then Save. Then switch back to on and then Save again to see if that helps.


Here's a guide on how to do it.



Hopefully it just triggers your access back!


Cheers and best wishes



P.S. Forgot to mention, see the section for 'I turned on Microsoft Forms, but users in my organization still can't access it' and see if that helps too.

Thanks @Damien Rosario.  I forgot to update my post but the issue seemed to resolve itself much later that day.   Our admin and I still have no idea why I was the only person locked out lol.


I'll refer back to that article if this ever occurs again!

No worries @AlexH980. Glad it resolved itself!


Cheers and best wishes