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If a user creates a form and shares it, responses go to an Excel sheet that the user can access through Forms.  Where SPECIFICALLY is the Excel file located, not from a country perspective but from a file system perspective?  I want to be able to share that spreadsheet with others, without transferring ownership of the form to a group, which creates all manner of issues with using Power Automate.


I am well aware that I can transfer ownership of the form to a Team to give all members easy access to the form, but doing so creates a lot of issues creating flows for form submission with Power Automate and I would prefer not to go there.


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@RossChevalier the spreadsheet is stored somewhere on Microsoft's servers and you cannot access that location. If you want to share it without giving collaborate access just click on the Open in Excel link and then save it to your file system.


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Thank you for your reply. What is not clear is if I save the Excel file to my file system (One Drive or Teams share) if additions from new submissions will show up on the sheet now in the filesystem or if it becomes a static copy. If not, my issue remains open.

@RossChevalier Hello, I have the same question 2 years later. Were you ever able to solve the issue?

@ihubay if you create a copy of the spreadsheet, new submissions will not be added to it. YOu might be better to create a Group form which will then store the spreadsheet in SharePoint.


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Check this KB, it depends on how you create your form, it may be stored as a local file or an online file in OneDrive/SharePoint.