List of "shortcuts" for importing a quiz to Form

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Are there "shortcut" lists of how to format the original quiz, before importing, so that I can spend less time on creating the form?

For example,

1. What is the 3rd planet from the Sun?
A. Venus

B. Pluto

C. Mars

D. Earth


I've noticed that when I import a quiz, the answer is correctly selected if I put underneath my question "ANS: [Letter of choice]" ("ans:" is fine as well) like I did in the example above. This is very helpful in creating quizzes quickly .  I wish to know if there is a list of other "shortcuts" for formatting the original quiz document to streamline creating quizzes even further. 

(In particular, the text I would need to automate putting in feedback after the test is done and graded vs spending time going to each choice and putting in a rationale/feedback.)

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