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Link to Form changing over time?

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Hi all,


I have 10 Group Forms that are linked in an Excel workbook. This morning, the shareable URL for all 10 forms shortened by ~10 characters. When following the "old" link to the form, the error "Sorry, something went wrong" was displayed (exact error code in one instance was: Session id: 128104a5-2d67-4735-b2b4-c8c7b83f91d2, Correlation id: 7f0afac6-aa01-4eaa-bfb5-b0e861375428).


The forms themselves were still intact and functional so I was able to re-copy the URLs and update. That's when I noticed the URLs had changed.


What's interesting is these forms are exactly 50 days old. Is there anything that would have caused the URLs to change? Should I expect they might change again in the future?


Thank you!

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Not sure if related but just changed some of My Forms over to Group Forms and the original links broke.