Link Microsoft Forms Choices to an existing database and finding an Excel File

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Good morning to all. I own a small law firm in the Dominican Republic. Using Forms and Power Automate I developed a system for adding new clients and cases: 1) Using a "Create Client Form" I populate a "Client Excel List" and automatically create an "Accounting Sheet" for each new client. Using a "Create Case Form", I populate a "Case Excel List", which includes the fees, but not the expenses (these are not known at the beginning). Then, I manually enter the case name, the legal fees and expenses in the "Accounting Sheet" for each client. It is a working system, but I would like to do two things in the "Create Case Form":


1) Pre populate the Client Name field using my "Client Excel List", so that the field becomes a drop down list. Currently, I have to write the client name manually and have to make sure to write it exactly like I did when I created the client. I cannot modify the Form every time I get a new client, it has to link automatically.


2) Use the form to write the case name and fees in the newly created "Accounting Sheet". For that, I would need the form to select the "Accounting Sheet" from my Onedrive.


If the Microsoft tools that I currently use are unable to accomplish this, but a more expensive license could, I would gladly pay such license.


Thank you very much in advance.

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@Easternsclaywer in standard Microsoft Forms it is not possible to pre-populate any information. But I believe this can be done with the old Forms Pro, now called Customer Voicew which needs a Dynamics 365 licence as a minimum.


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