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Is it possible to limit responses on a choice in a drop down menu?

See pic attached.


I need to limit the response to 10 per date session. For example, 16.04.20 can only be chosen 10 times.forms11.PNG

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@siri1231560 no you can't do this out-of-the-box. What we do in my company is to have a list in SharePoint with the current increment number, that is the number of people currently signed up for each training course. The users use Microsoft Forms to request a place on a specific course.


Then we use a flow in Power Automate so that when a user sends the request the flow triggers and gets the current increment value. If it is 10 or more an email is sent back automatically to the requestor saying "Sorry, that course is now full, please select another one". If the increment value is less than 10 an email is sent to them saying "Your place is booked..." with a link to a SharePoint page with more details, and the flow updates the SharePoint increment list list, adding 1 to the total. We have a list for each course and the flow then adds the person to the relevant list which the course leader can access.


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