likert question title does not show up in Microsoft Forms response's spreadsheet

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I have an Online Microsoft Forms (office365) that has several 'likerttype questions. The table type question is like:



note: The question and items are imaginary just to clarify my question.
When I open the response spreadsheet I see the following columns:




It's very odd that the question title has been dropped. There is no way I could have access to the title which was 'What's your ideal time to drink each itemand instead, I only see items and answers.
I tried MS Graph API and MS Form connector in Azure LogicApp, and still, the response was the same.
Any thought is really appreciated

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It looks like you need to transpose the options so that you have three columns: Coffee, Tea, Orange juice with a row for each time of day to get the required entry in the spreadsheet.

@Phillip Ruffell not really, as you see I already have the responses on the rows and options on the columns. My question is regarding the question title itself, not the options and answers. I couldn't find a solution to have "What's your ideal time to drink each item" on the columns just like other question types. It seems Microsoft does not populate this type of question properly in the response spreadsheet

oops... now I see what you mean and you're right in that it only shows the choices but I'm not sure how this could be achieved anyway as each line is like a different choice question. I'll bear this in mind when creating in the future.