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Hi - looking for some help!

I have created a form - and the survey has gone live - 150 responses so far.

In this form, I used several Likert questions where I asked questions like "What level of involvement do you have in the budget process?" and I set option of 4 Likert 'buttons' with the left one being "Low" and the right one being 'High'.

The middle 2, I deleted the headings altogether - as they were the in-between options.

So, now people have completed the survey - the graphs show the nice split of the responses - 57.2% High, 8.7% Low, and button 2 is 15.2%, and button 3 is 18.8% - the graph works fab.

But - and here is the issue - when I export to excel  - the data table only shows the words 'High" and 'Low' and the other options that were clicked (Option 2 & 3) didn't have a column heading - so are just left blank in the data table. So I cannot use the data table to interpret the results.....

The application clearly knows what the buttons were - as it is producing the graph showing what was selected - but the data when I extracted gives the column headings as blank - so I cannot interrogate those middle answers :astonished_face::astonished_face:


Can anyone help with how i access the information that is clearly been gathered - but is not visible to me in the data table?

Thanks a million in advance!




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