Keeping Forms organised in folders/groups/categories

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Due to how many Forms a teacher in my organisation is using, he would like to be able to group or categorise them into folders somehow for easier tracking. I do not think that this is currently possible so could it be considered as a new feature?

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Thanks for sharing your new feature request with us. Yes, this feature is currently in our backlog.

Thanks for your reply!

Nakul - Is there a time frame to implement all these feature requests?
Hi Kurt - are you asking for timelines for a specific feature? For folders / groups on Forms portal page, its too early to share timelines as of now but i will share it with everyone in this group when we are closer to release date. Also, we are working on configuring User Voice site for Forms, it will give you a good indication of features high level timelines.
Thanks, @Nakul Madaan , the User Voice site will really help because I think you get 101 people with the same feature request. To keep on explaining that it is on the back log list becomes cumbersome after a while.
Agree. 5 courses a day so I have 6 copies of each form (keep original master). Need ability to put in folders, sort, search or list view to makes this manageable. If I use as exit ticket daily I have 60 forms after 2 weeks.

TWO years have gone - I still can't see how we can arrange and / or group Forms.

How long is your backlog ?

Yes still nothing and we are nearing end of 2018!

And now well into 2019....

three years - bunch of overpaid liers........
Soooo? :) Almost in 2020 and still nothing!
....June 21!
Anyone know where to find this roadmap?
Microsoft, as part of their move away from uservpoice, have this week re-asked those who have contributed to the uservoice requests to select their most-needed features from a multi-select choice question, and organising forms is one of the options that they have given. So they are aware of it and I'm sure it will be heavily selected.