Issues with copy pasting multiple item list to automatically generate multiple-choice question items

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I posted this issue on the Uservoice, but since it's important, I'm reposting here too.


The process of copy/pasting a list of items (from Excel, OneNote, text editor) into a single item field of a multiple choice question to automatically generate the response items has a couple bugs.


1) There is a 37 item limit. A list of items bigger than 37 (I have 50 students each of my classes and I need to copy/paste their names into the form) causes Forms to freeze/not save beyond the 37th item. Copy/pasting my long list in separate chunks (copy/paste first 25 names, then the rest) does not work. Forms still gets stuck and is unable to save. My workaround is copy/pasting each student name (50!) one at a time ☹


2) Although it may not look like it when copy/pasting a list of items to automatically generate response items, carriage return text strings are being attached to the end of each item response. All my responses now have a "_x000D_" at the end when I open up my resulting data in Power Bi, and having to work around that is tedious and frustrating.


Bonus! Multiple choice questions with multiple responses enabled has a funky output too. If a user selects both my "Pitch" and "Rhythm" items, instead of the answer showing up as "Pitch;Duration;", it shows up as the following in Excel:




And shows up as "Pitch_x000D_;Duration_x000D_;" in Power Bi.


These problems wrecked my workflow with 3 Forms I'll be using for the rest of the year with multiple classes. Please take a look into these issues.


Reference Tweet conversation with pic of Form Saving issue:


Pic of carriage return text strings in Power Bi:

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Did more assessments with my students this week, you can see where I now need to go into my Form's Excel workbook and delete all the hidden "_x000D_" carriage returns. 


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