Issues accessing files uploaded to a Microsoft Form

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Hi everyone
I created a Microsoft Form and shared it with two specific colleagues (view & edit permission) so they have access to the data returns.  One of the questions asked for an upload of a file.  I can access the files submitted, but the two colleagues I shared the form with keep getting an error stating they do not have permission to view the file.
Does anyone know why this happens and is there a way to resolve it? 

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@SarahLilley it happens because the uploaded file is saved to YOUR OneDrive so others won't have access to it by default. Either you can share the file which is in the /Apps/Microsoft Forms/YourForm/Question folder or you can upload the file automatically to a SharePoint list via a gflow in Power Automate. I've just answered a question about how to do that here.


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Thanks Rob, that is a really helpful response. I have now shared the folder so hopefully they will have continued access.