Is there any way to programmatically get the excel file?

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I already asked if there was a way to get the final score and that went nowhere, but perhaps there's a way to get the excel file or even the score of individual answers?  I'm trying to automate pass/fail on quizes and it's a big roadblock for me right now, unfortunately.  I have to say, I love Forms right now, even though it's clearly in the infant stages, as it shows massive promise.  

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Have you tried using Flow to capture each completion of a form. I know it doesn't provide you with a score but you could write this to a SharePoint list and add some calculated columns to figure out scores for right answers. It does mean having to maintain the scoring in 2 places.
The link to the spreadsheet is always persistent so you could use that as a data source for another spreadsheet with scoring and lookups. PowerBI might be an option but haven't tried linking that to the spreadsheet yet.

@Alan Marshall -- I thought of writing the answers to a list but man that's a pain.  Hmmm.... I guess I don't know how it writes the answers, if it just gives the number or the full answer.  That's not a bad idea actually, thinking it through.  In my head I was thinking it write the full answers but if it puts the letter/number/score, then that's a LOT more doable (or at least less of a pain).  


And if the excel sheet is persistent then that gives some flexibility too, but I didn't think it was.  Yeah, there are more options than I originally thought.  Whew................

I personally use Flow - use the 'When Form is completed / Submitted' (Not sure what the name of it was) and then do my work on that, normally is a database dump or add to an existing excel file.