is there any way to connect MS Forms responses directly in the Power BI instead of storing in excel?

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I want to use the MS forms response in PowerBI to generate reports, but I have to export data into excel and then I can connect it. is there any other direct way to connect MS forms with Power BI?

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Connect your forms to a SharePoint list using Flow. then you can set your powerPI to point to that SharePoint list location.

That's a good idea, do you know if there's any tutorial or article about it? 

@Vikas Dhingra Yes, you can use Group Forms.  If you don't create a form directly through MS Teams so that it is embedded in a Group, you can move the form into a group.  (On the Forms home page, before clicking into a Form, hover over the form, click the "..." in the top right; select "Move"; pick the Group where you want to move the Form.)  You can get to group forms using the menu at the top of Forms. It defaults to "My Forms", but "Shared with Me" and "Group Forms" are the other options.  Once it's in a group, find it under Group Forms.


Once you open the form, click Export to Excel.  This is the key difference: the Excel document does not download, but rather is saved in the Team's file folder structure.  You can get the URL for the workbook by opening it in Excel and going to File --> Info --> Copy Path.  You can put this into Power BI's Web connector.  As new submissions come in to the Form, they will automatically be added to this same Excel file, so you can do a standard refresh.  No PowerAutomate required!

@Matthew Parowski a huge thank you. I was dreading having to process over a hundred forms using Power Automate. Your advice was spot on, so simple, so effective. You have saved me days !!




You can navigate to the 'Responses' tab on the design page to find that option.