Is there an Admin centre for MS Forms. Need add, share users to a Form

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I have Admin permissions (Not Global) for SharePoint, Teams where if necessary I can add users to certain permission groups.  Is there such an Admin group, centre for MS Forms??

I have a Form that needs to be shared to other users to amend and see the results, also for a Flow to be created, but the creator of the Form is off long term sick and does not have access to a computer to make these changes.

I've seen if the account has been deleted or deactivated you can use a certain url to change ownership but this account is still active
Is there anyway I can make these changes??
Any assistance gratefully received

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Microsoft Forms does not support admin manageability as you asked. However, you can raise a support ticket and ask the Product Team to generate a co-editor link for you. With this link, you can perform any necessary actions.