Is Microsoft Forms Down seems to be not working...

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I am trying to open forms and I am running into "Sorry, something went wrong please try again." message with no technical details. I tried to access the form through a shared to anyone link as well and the form is not loading so I am guessing that people are not able to fill it out at the moment as well. 

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@stephenwithph I am seeing the same thing here.

confirm, I have the same experience



I have the same problem with SH Online at the moment, stating "The server is busy right now".

@KevCarIA That makes more sense! SH is down for me. Because it gets stuck in loading the forms that I had before, but I can create new forms. Something really is broken on their side. I hope they fix it fast soon. 

It is back! Thanks Microsoft.

@stephenwithph I can't access any of my Forms - is the platform still down?

Still down here