Is Microsoft Forms down at the moment?

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Is microsoft down at the moment? please help. I tried clearing cache and cookies. I need it fixed asap.

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@kiadawnmayAlso unable to access Forms this morning.  Multiple browsers - loading icon spins and goes nowhere. Not sure where to check service status, as Forms does not appear to be  listed in our Office portal.

I am having the same problem as well. Unable to access the links to my surveys. @Erik_Roll @kiadawnmay

I'm seeing the same issue here. Been happening for at least 40 minutes now too without a single acknowledgement from Microsoft.

Yes it is, for some users anyway, Microsoft is aware of the problem and it is being looked at, I'm sure with some urgency. 

adding my voice to the students are waiting to take a quiz and all we're getting is "Loading"

My company is experiencing the same issue with Forms we need for day to day operations. I spoke with a Microsoft agent and he reported that this is an issue on the Microsoft side and that they have escalated the problem to high urgency.

Adding to the list... I have a training signup list that my users can't get to... now they're emailing me.  It's going to be a disaster if it doesn't start working soon!

All @kiadawnmay 


I have raised a uservoice to have Microsoft Forms added to the Service Health Dashboard you can vote for it here


Best, Chris

That sounds right, admins should be able to track the progress of this issue in the Microsoft 365 Service Health dashboard and the MO175969 event.

@Christopher Hoard  Thanks Chris, added my vote.  Forms has successfully worked it's way into several processes at my org, and that means we have come to rely on it...  having it reflected on the Service Health Dashboard would go a long way to building trust and adding visibility to MSFT's response plan!

Absolutely - it seems crazy that it's not there today considering - as you say - the extent it is used within organisations. If Microsoft Bookings is on the Service Health Dashboard then Forms and Stream should surely be on there because there will be significantly more users of Forms and Stream!

Best, Chris

Experience same problems. Cleaned browser cache, used different browsers. Same issue. 

Thank you, Chris.  I have voted.  We should absolutely have this easier to monitor.  We also are using Forms for many processes at our school.  Kim@Christopher Hoard 

No worries Kim! Thanks for your vote!

Best, Chris
Same issue here - is there a site that shows the service health that we can access? Tried looking but couldn't find anything.
same issue here and this is the health site

Forms are back up for my company ya'll, try refreshing your form pages if you have any open. 

Up for us now too! @Turbo_Thunder 

We are back up too!@kiadawnmay