Is it possible to print a summary of the responses? When I try, only the current page is printed.

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I would like to be able to print a summary of the responses. When I send to the printer only one page is printed.

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Thanks for taking the time and sharing your feature request. Print feature is in our backlog.
More than a year has passed, but it seems this issue still persists. When we print the summary of a form, only one page is printed.
I've tried to export to PDF, XPS, send to the printer... nothing, just the very first page of the summary is printed.

It would be really great if they could respond to this issue

As mentioned one year or more now and the issue is still not fixed

There is a way, but it is not very obvious: Check out the 3 dots on the response page circled in red.

It is NOT in the 3 dots menu on the top right circled in bright green.

The circled is the option to print (sorry, I am on a German setting page)Forms.gif








@MarWerNo Unfortunately this is not working. Still only first page is being send to printer (or pdf writer). Is this a bug or another MS "feature"? Can someone shed some light on that?



Clicking the ellipsis used to work for me to print out everything, but today when I tried it only printed one page. What's going on with this. Microsoft, it would be even better if you could have an export button that allowed you to push the results into PDF, PPT, or other formats that allowed for easy presentation. Looks like I'll have to go through and do screen grabs of each of the questions to get the graphics that I want. Please help, MS. What's the point of this tool if you can't easily communicate the findings?

I'm very late to this discussion, because I'm quite new to forms. It's been more than two years since the last post. I'm trying to print or capture a PDF of the summary responses. The ellipses don't give me the option to do that - they only allow me to print the original form. If I try to print from my browser, I only get the first page. If I try to print to PDF, I only get the first page. I'm using Edge. Is it really still not possible to do this??