Is it possible to get just the Forms Pro dynamic link for a contact in Dynamics?

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I am wanting a way to dynamically save Form Pro survey invites with each Contact record. In Forms Pro, the only way I can see to get the dynamic link to the survey is by including it in the email. We want to save that dynamic link with each contact record when that contact is created (we communicate with our contacts through a messaging app, so we just want  to copy the link in the app for them). I tried using Flow to have the email just sent to me, and thinking I would copy the link from the email and  just save it with the correct contact. Crude, but it would be a good enough start. The problem is that each survey response ends up looking like the same person took it b/c I hardcoded the email (pic attached for reference). 


working flow.PNG

My other thought is we could use the general public link, ask them to enter their email for one question, and use Power Automate to match up the responses with the Contact based on the email. Not sure if it's possible, and it doesn't sound easy. We were hoping for an easy, relatively user friendly path with Forms Pro. Really we just want to get the Dynamic Survey link saved with each Contact. Is there a simple way to do this? Thank you, any thoughts are appreciated. 


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There is a much simpler way. There are two actions related to the forms Pro connector in Power Automate. The other one is to create an invitation which gives you the personalised link you're after.

Here is one way to use it:

And here is another way:

Hope that helps!


@Megan_V_Walker  Thank you Megan. That SMS flow looks great, but a bit more complex than I was hoping for. The first guide is close to what we want, but we don't want to email anything at all. I'd just like to return the survey link for a specific contact, and update that contact's record in dynamics with that survey link, putting into a custom field. I know it is possible, but am not seeing a great step by step guide, like the ones you've provided, for this specific use case. Are you aware of anythings? Thanks so much.

@b_tomp not unless someone creates a blog post with your exact requirement, then no there likely wouldn't be anything out there that would give the step by step. 


You could do the following. In the first link I shared, after the step where the invitation is created, instead of the email, just do a step using the CDS connector, to update a record. Make sure you have a field for the invitation URL on the Contact record, and just update that field with the Invitation Link from the step in Power Automate where you created the link.