Is it possible to create a form where some informations are "embedded" within?

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Hi, I am new to MS forms and I am finding a solution to create "custom" forms whereby I have some information in my excel/MS List which are to be "embedded" in the form for the responder.


For example, I would only want the responder to fill in

1) Are Targets Met? ("Yes or No")

2) If not, please State reason


*However, their "project reference number" or "Name" will be automatically extracted from the excel/MS List (Therefore, they do not have to fill up this part). 


Is it possible to create such forms?


Thank you.

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@qyaj9891 this is not possible, there is no way to embed/pre-populate information in a form. If the users are all within your organisation then Forms will know who they are providing you set the settings to "Only people in my organisation can respond"


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