Is it possible to add an URL to a word in a form?


I would like to add a document from Sharepoint to a form. Is there a way to do this?

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Feedback is here (Dec 2021)

Ability to add attachments to Microsoft Forms · Community

Would recommend you vote and get others to do so. Hopefully will be with us soon.

If you mean add a hyperlink to an actual word within the form, this uservoice hasn’t been picked up yet

Ability to add a hyperlink to Microsft Form as you can in Word, Excel · Community (


Add ability to have Words and phrases that are hyperlinked · Community (

Hope that answers your question!

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We are in the land of catch up with everyone going online.  I am now moving everything in my office to SharePoint and Teams - also all the forms I had in Wufoo to Forms, but Forms is so limited.  Being able to add a URL within the form would be very helpful @Christopher Hoard 

Hi @lala65 


You can add URLs into questions but you can't change the URL to a more friendly word like 'Search Engine'.


When you click on the URL it will open into a new browser tab.




You can also add URLs to the subtitle as well.


Hope that helps with something to play with.




@Damien Rosario, i discovered that as well.  as with the OP's request, this capability falls short of the need.  even considered putting a sharepoint link in but that a) is really ugly and b) doesn't work (at least in my test).

my site need to link in microsoft site because im a young man and recently started my work job. my site need a power back link and my request is to allow my url site in microsoft site.

thank you.

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