Is Forms dead?

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Before I rely on Forms for a business process I'd like to ensure its longevity. Is Microsoft actively developing and supporting Forms?


I see MANY ideas with 700-1100 votes (very high) that are old. This is a sign to me that Forms is not actively being developed.


Please share your perspective on this.

Thank you

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They are developing it. Recent additions were improved branding (logs, colors, backgrounds), customizable thank you message, option to allow one answer for logged in user but still anonymous, groups forms (say for teams in Teams), new Net Promoter type of question. And they recently have announced Ideas insights for Forms. I suggest watching Forms blog to keep up to date with new features, as well as watching Microsoft 365 roadmap, Admin center Message center and other resources.


As for uservoice. There are hundreds and thousands of ideas and many think their ideas are what is most important, but as a big company i guess MS has their own vision on what to develop next and what ideas to incorporate.

They have just recently released some new functionality, so it's def. not dead.

Ok. This is awesome. Is there a roadmap to upcoming functionality?


- Specifically

  • When will dropdowns be fixed/implemented
  • When will enhanced branching be possible?
    • User selects an option on question 1
    • Form guides user to, and only shows, question 4
    • User selects an option from question 4
    • Form guides user to, and only shows, question 9
    • etc.
  • When will Time be added to Date?

This tool is awesome and really a better solution in some cases than custom Sharepoint front end dev. With the addition of Forms to Flow, its really a no-brainer to use for some things. 

The only new feature coming that I caught onto at Ignite was attachment collection being added for authenticated users, and then some months after attachments for anonymous users. Other than that, that's really all they talked about.

Here is a community blog post about forms with a little bit more information but there wasn't tons that I came across:

Forms was developed for education first. It was released to edu tenants first. We have used it since the day it came out. Their development team has come to our school twice and are coming back in two weeks. The product has been continuously developed over the past couple years and includes tons of new features. Quizzes, analytics, embed video, images, thank you page, notifications. The list of what's been added over the past three years is endless. The release to business tenants is fairly recent and the Forms team can confirm their roadmap for business features. 


It may be that the changes people have voted for the most haven't yet been addressed, but there's a development team in Beijing that we've interacted with and from our perspective Forms is very much alive.

I don't know of any official roadmap. Actually, many products don't have one. Other than what they post on Microsoft 365 Roadmap (this is meant for all the products and usually they post something that comes in a few months or so). If they add comment "working on it" to an idea, you can probably hope for it to be added soon.


Branching is not ideal, probably mostly because of absence of option to show every question on a separate page in general (then it would probably work as you want). Maybe they will add it at some point.