iOS Autofill Not Functioning Correctly

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Hello, we have recently come across an issue with Microsoft Forms and iOS autofill feature. When answering a required text question using the iOS autofill feature and submitting the form, our users get an error message that the text question is required (even though autofill filled in the text box).
They are only allowed to submit the form after backspacing one of the characters that were typed in using autofill and typing it in again.
We have not made any changes to our Forms to prompt this issue; it sprung up on its own. Is there any way we can resolve this issue without making the question not required? Thanks!
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I have also run into the same issue. Hopefully there is a solution soon as this autofill malfunction is resulting in a lot of wonky entries in our PowerAutomate application. 

@Hamdi_Kalifa So in your process, is it a FORM thats breaking your Power Automate FLOW??

You might not have noticed, but autofill can be done in 2 different ways. 1, you can "select from below" and fill the box in its entirety (which results in the "text is required issue") and 2, you can use autofill midway while filling out a text box. For example, if my full name is "John Smith" and I begin typing "Joh", autofill will prompt you to fill in the rest of the box. This results in MS Forms only recognizing "Joh" as the inputted characters. This scenario breaks my application as we're using Power Automate to pull information from MS Forms.

So to answer your question, the form's inability to recognize autofill information from Iphones is breaking my downstream Power Automate application. This issue is something that needs to be fixed.


C'est effectivement un problème auquel je suis confronté.

Il faudrait que ça se règle rapidement, car il n'y a pas de moins facile de communiquer cela à la personne qui doit remplir le formulaire.

Dès que quelqu'un utilise le iOs autofill c'est comme si Form n'enregistre aucune saisie. Même mon Power automate flow affiche des cellules vide là ou ça a été utilisé


I have that same problem and it needs to be fixed soon. There is no easy way to inform poeple that they cannot use the Autofill inside that Form.