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Does Forms have the ability to have internal fields that are not shown to the person filling out the form? For example, if I create an IT Help Desk Form, can I create internal fields where I can go to the individual response and track the status of the respo

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@rams62 no there's nothing like that with Forms. What we do with our IT ticketing system, which starts with a user completing a form in Forms, is to use a flow in Power Automate to save that form response into a list in SharePoint. The flow also sends the submitter an email with the details of what they submitted and the ID number from the SharePoint list. A Power Apps customised form from the SharePoint list is then used to deal with the ticket, add additional information, add comments and other actions.


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Thank you. That's above my level right now but I'm game to learn!

@RobElliott are there any instructions out there to put this in place?