integer input is formatted as string

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I am collecting integers greater than zero, but entries are prepended by a single apostrophe in excel.

Is this not a bug?


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I have the same issue. I want to present the collected data in a pivot chart. When I manually convert the data to number in each cell then the chart works. Must be some way to change the format of data when exported to Excel.
Agreed this is a headache. Hopefully it's fixed soon.
In the meantime, this link has has some workarounds. Text to Column works well.

To get rid of this issue need to apply the formula that is B3&":"&C3.

This will not allow the integer to be formatted as a string.

@Anders Krogsager  i have the same issue

Same issue. Using for business. Not ideal. @Anders Krogsager 

This is new behaviour that wasn't present a couple of months ago, I hope this is fixed soon. I import the values from the forms into access, and it crashes on the text fields that are supposed to be integers if I don't manually convert them first.

@Anders Krogsager 

I have a problem: the excel form generated my MS Forms, put an apostrophe before the number or the pivot doesn't work... is it a bug? started few weeks ago!!