Incorrect Date Format when Embedded into Sharepoint

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I have a microsoft form which has a date in DD/MM/YYYY format. When I embed into Sharepoint, it switches to MM/DD/YYYY format. Is there any way to change it to read DD/MM/YYYY format? All regional settings in browser and sharepoint are all DD/MM/YYYY settings.



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Hi, I have the same problem, has anyone found a solution by any chance? Thank you

@StephLC unfortunately there's no solution to this yet. For this reason we don't usually add the Forms web part to a page but just a link to open the form itself in a new tab.


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Thank you for the quick response :)

We have the exact same issue.


All Locales and Regional Settings are set to English(Australia) in SharePoint, OneDrive, Browser. 


Yet the MS Form when embedded in SharePoint still continues to show American Date Format.


How can we have MS Address this issue?


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