Importing questions into a Form

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I have lots of quizzes already set up in Moodle. Can I import from Moodle into Forms? Can I import from another file format? csv perhaps? Can Forms even provide the same variety of questions as Moodle quizzes can? Mine are not all multiple-guess questions but I can't find much about other types of questions. 

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I've not seen any out of the box solutions for importing anything with Forms, so unless there's a very custom method to doing this that someone out there has figured out, I think you'd have to remake it from scratch.

same issues, I'd like to use json or just csv to build my form a more quicker way than using the UX

@Mario AmatucciI would like to see the same thing. If we are starting to use this in MSTeams classrooms, it is a must have.

Hi @Christina Eager  the basic answer is "no, not yet"

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@RobElliott   re using Forms in Quiz  mode

1. How can I keep the data from one class separated from the data from another class.

2. How can I give the form to another teacher to survey her class separately.\





Hi Rob, I would duplicate the form;therefore, you would be using an almost identical but separate form. You could I guess just include a identifier question, which could be used to sort the responses, but that would require more work and less accuracy. It is the same for the sharing with a colleague. I always use the duplicate/copy function. Then rename so you're clear which one is for what class.