Importing Form Responses

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Seeking to understand if/when functionality exists for importing multiple responses to a form question? I've seen a few questions in here related, but nothing definitive at this point.  I have a list of ~500 items I want to add to the drop-down selection list to a particular question, but I don't have the ability to add each one individually.  



"What is the SKU in question"

Selection: Drop-Down, choose 1 of 500 available options


Any idea when/if this functionality will be available? 

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Hi @Troy Glidden


I'm not aware of any feature that currently does this nor anything on the roadmap about it.



If you want to see this feature, maybe check out UserVoice and see if it's already been floated and if not, maybe make the suggestion?


Forms is a fairly simple product in the early days of its development so who knows what will happen later down the track?


Best wishes