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I am totally new to Microsoft Forms and have been tasked for its suitability for several use cases at the university I work for.


Can I import a Word document or a PDF document into Forms and add fields for them to fill in or check off?


We have a number of HR onboarding forms, etc. that need to have the results and reporting capability of Forms and the conditional workflow capability of Power Automate.


If Forms will not import Word or PDF documents, is there a more preferable solution that I can use to do this and route them using Power Automate?


Thanks for any help you can provide.


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@clbammel it's not possible to import Word or PDF documents into Forms; you'll need to create the questions in Forms manually. You can then use a flow in Power Automate to get the response details and do whatever conditional routing or actions that you need based on answers in the form. In my company we always use a flow to save Forms responses to a list in SharePoint - mainly because Forms is the flakiest of the Microsoft 365 apps - which works very well and gives us a robust record of each response. In the same flow we send a confirmation email with our logo and other relevant information to the responder, and then do other actions on the SharePoint list as necessary.


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Thank you Rob.  This is very helpful.  It will help me to better understand the direction we need to go.