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We're really liking MS Forms as an alternative to the SurveyMonkey or similar, especially the integration to the organisation credentials so users are recorded, and the increased analytics that you get with the free versions of the alternative survey software.


Idea - To be able to close surveys/forms like you can in SurveyMonkey, or the ability to set up the response channels and the ability to turn the collectors on and off.


Thanks, Aidan

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Hi Aidan - UserVoice is your friend here.  Looks like this idea has already been raised, so I suggest adding your vote on the UserVoice site.


Or, in the actual Forms window, click the ellipsis in the top-right corner and click Feedback.  From here, you'll see the link to UserVoice but note that there's also a feedback form you can use.

It already has this doesn't it ?


Under ... Settings you can turn off the Accept Responses option, or set an end date.

Is there a way of sending a survey via text through MS Forms or other MS Office Business programs to request reviews and inputs from clients? Something similiar to Survey Monkey, but instead of using email, would like to send via SMS text. 

Hey Aidan, sorry to hijack your post but it seems people only respond when they are saying nice things about Forms. If you look a few posts down you will my various issues. Does your excel download work properly, mine doesn't show the feedback or points. I'm already a week behind from publishing these quizzes and whilst I'd prefer to use Microsoft Forms, there comes a time when you have to give up because of the bugs in play. I'm using a Mac on Business 365 by the way.

@Steven Collier 


The option for closing / deactivating survey is not available in MS Forms. 

@Mudassar_Maqbool yes there is, go to settings and set the end date to first available date & time which is usually within the next 15 minutes. That will close it from that time.


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