I need a case to switch into other cases

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Hi all


I am running a form with the initial question being "please select one of the following:"


There are then 4 options/cases.

1. request a pass

2. submit a question to a department

3. report an incident

4. complaint


Options 1,3 and 4 once selected go straight to Send email v2, which works well.


Option 2 is my issue. If they select option 2, they then select one of 8 options. so based on what they select out of the 8, I would then like that information to go to that department. I have tried adding in controls and also switches after the initial Case is equal to


Can anyone help?



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@Mick_gibbons1 there are 2 ways to do this:

1. in case 2 of the first switch add another another switch with the 8 departments and add the send an email into each one. 






2. Initialize a string variable then in each case of the department switch add an append to string variable and add the email address . Add a send email action at the end of the Department Switch with the To field as the outputs of the variable.








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Rob, this is excellent. I did search to try and find different switches but never found the department one. In the end up doing a parallel branch to two switches. However, I like the way you have done this, keeps it more streamlined.

I was making a mistake and had the flow looking in the wrong place. I will be looking at the auto forms bit today. thank you for your help, you are driving my curiosity in to what can be achieved by using flows

@Mick_gibbons1 there isn't a switch called the departmment switch, that's just what I renamed it to so it was clearer for you what it was looking at which is the answer about what department was selected. In Power Automate there is only one control called Switch.


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Rob, makes sense. thank you
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