I have created a microsoft form, will it still run if my account was deactivated?

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will the microsoft form created still run even the creator account was deactivated or no longer exist?

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Might be best to consider recreating the form on another account so you don't encounter issues later on with access, modification, or sourcing the results. Maybe get the owner to share the form with you and sees if that helps to get this rolling?
Here's some info to assist you:
Here's some text from the Microsoft link above:

The original owner of a form is no longer with my organization and/or their Microsoft Forms license has been removed. What happens to the data that is associated with the form they created?

Currently, there is no limit for the number of users for which data is retained, as long as the provisioning of their accounts is within your organization's online service agreement. There is also no limit for the amount of data stored for user accounts. All account-related data, however, will be deleted 30 days after a user account is closed.




Also there is a conversation from 6 months ago on MTC about this topic:

Best wishes and good luck!
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Hi @Damien Rosario


Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it.

I am still a bit confused because upon reading the FAQ and conversation of the link that you provided.

Some users says that the form will be deleted when the user's account is deleted, then some users also says that even the user's account was deleted/disabled, the form was still running.


Please help me clarify the real answer, thank you.


Hi @John Edward Paredes


To be honest I haven't had an instance as yet to test this out.


If it were me, and depending on the size of the form, I would recreate it to avoid any issues as well as export any current data to Excel for safe keeping. 


I guess if it's really important, you could keep that subscription running for that account (change their password details, etc so no one can access it but authorised users) so that you have continued access to things. Probably a bit extreme to retain a form.


Someone else on the forum might have an idea but I personally wouldn't risk losing the data/form if it is important to you to retain.


Sorry I don't have a better answer for you. Forms in my organisation isn't used for anything too complex or important that falls into your scenario.






Hi @Damien Rosario,


It's ok. :)

Thank you for your help and I really appreciate you responding to my inquiries.



No worries pal. It's always good to have someone to bounce a few ideas off and see where it goes.

Good luck!