i created a from in a public MS teams group I own - the Move isn't available

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Hi I copied and edited an existing form to create a new one. However I now want to move it to a new directory and I cannot as the move selection in the menu isn't available for any form in this group. 

I am the group owner, I copied the form. 

The form is not listed under "my forms" even though I created it. Ive tried doing it from SharePoint, but the forms themselves are not visible for me in share point. 

Any suggestions?


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group forms cannot be moved. If you use the template functionality to clone it into your personal forms area, it will show up in the My Forms area and be moveable.

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I used the template functionality to clone a Form that I created and then moved into a Group [back] into My Forms. Note the responses are lost when you do this. In this use case, since my Form was fairly new, I don't mind, but there should be the ability to move a Form from a Group to My Forms.