How to use Microsoft Forms as an enrollment form?

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Hello, I'm new to Microsoft Forms and I'm looking to digitize an enrollment form that's currently filled out by hand. I currently take this form that's emailed to me and then I have to manually log the information in Excel. The problem I'm running into with forms is that I don't know how to format the questions so that it returns it in the Excel format I need. Recipients receive one form, but the form then can have up to five people listed in it. I need each individual's Name, Title, ID and a share of percentage (this is for paying them out), totaling 100% for that place of business. It's not possible for each individual to fill it out because they have to have their percentage add up to 100% for that one store. Is this possible through Microsoft Forms? I tried listing this information into multiple questions, but when I export to Excel, it's not generating what I need. Thanks for any guidance this forum can provide!

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@MChen92618 what format do you need your answers to be in for Excel? It sounds like this could be easily achieved with a flow in Power Automate, but a bit more info about how you want to to look in Excel would help.


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