How to restore deleted sections

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One of our users accidentally deleted many sections inside a Forms form, so I've been trying to find if there is a way to restore deleted contents?


I've found out that there is no version history in Miscrosoft Forms which is a HUGE let down!


Also, you can recover a deleted Forms (either inside your account recycle bin or sharepoint site recycle bin), but since it's only some of the sections inside a Forms and not the whole Forms, I can't find any guides online how to recover it, is this a dead end?


I've also done some automation on the Forms to Sharepoint which would mean I'd have to fix those as well, this I know I have to do by hand unfortunately.




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@nixutin if sections and questions are deleted then unfortunately there is no way to restore them. It really is unforgivable that Microsoft don't provide a a way to restore them. It's the same problem with Power Automate.


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