How to link to a specific form response

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Hi, we're using Forms with Flow to automatically create Planner items for each response, but can't find a way of being able to link back to the response.


I posted a request in User Voice for permalinks to individual responses a while back, but I'm guessing that User Voice isn't being reviewed any more as I've had no response?


Currently, we're having to write all responses into Sharepoint just so we can create a hyperlink to somewhere which is a pretty poor user experience. Seems to me like this shouldn't even need to be a 'feature' - the URL should always reflect what I'm currently looking at.


Is there any hidden workaround to be able to do what I'm wanting or am I on my own with this problem?

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To set expectations, even SurveyMonkey, a paid survey tool, doesn't have links per individual response--I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for this.


Assuming your setup is using Flow to copy responses from Forms into a SharePoint list already for linking purposes, it's my opinion you're already using the best workaround available to you.

@Matt Coats 

This must be possible - as when you fill in a form, you can have the option of 'Send me an email receipt of my responses'. When you receive the email, you click on the link that opens up your actual response with the form loaded as well. So if that can be done, surely there is a URL that one can construct to achieve this?

@ashokjingar The issue I have run into is they appear to use a Response Token, I assume for security.  The link format it{form id}&rid=5&GetResponseToken={request token}


The form id and response id are pretty easy to get but the response token doesn't appear to be exposed in the service anywhere.  I was trying to create a link in Flow and hit a wall at this hurdle.

The other challenge in getting direct links is security.


So for example if I respond to a Quiz/Survey/Form and someone else gets the link, your privacy is at risk.


The only way I'd see getting access to direct responses work in the original scenario is if there is an option to say 'Allow others to view individual responses', something like what SharePoint does when you want to provide access to a specific file or folder.


I agree with @Matt Coats that you are doing the best workaround for the minute.


Forms is ever evolving so in time I know we'll see some great things ahead!




@Daniel BradleyI'm doing something similar, but instead of posting on a SharePoint list I'm doing it all via Teams message postings. I have tried doing some sort of workaround by pointing to the response page and a specific index (respondent number 6 gets "Index":5 in the final URL), but then I imagine if one respondent is erased from the form, numbers will no longer match to the right respondent.


Let's hope Microsoft surfaces the URL they send to each respondent so we can use it in Flow.