How to generate key value pairs for choices or something like that?

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Within my Microsoft Form project I will have a list of names that my end-user can choose from. I'm assuming the "choice" option is the best for the job. i.e.


 - Kensley

 - John

- Alice

- Sally


I want Microsoft Form to somehow associate John to, Alice to, Sally to, etc...


What it the closest thing I can do to achieving this from within Microsoft Forms?


The end goal is to send my Form data to Power Automate so that the values (the email addresses mentioned above based on a single selection), will be added into a custom flow.


What should I do?

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@kensleylewis you can't do this in forms but you CAN do it in the flow in Power Automate because Forms knows who has submitted the form-  assuming the responders are all within your organisation they don't need to enter their name or email address. It looks like you are sending the email to the responder so...:


  1. Your trigger will be the Forms When a new response is submitted;
  2. Your first action will be the Forms Get response details;
  3. You will then add an Office 365 Users action of Get user profile (v2):
  4. In your Send an email (v2) action the "To" field will be Mail, selected from the Get user profile section of the dynamic content.


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ahhh!!! your 3. and 4. is what I've been missing out on all day!  Many thanks on helping me to expand my mind on this.