How to format Flow email based on "Yes/No" response from Form questions

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I'm very new to FLOW and the like, so apologize if this is an obvious question.


I have a form that has five (5) "Yes/No" questions.  I'm using FLOW to send me an email each time there is response from the FORM.  I've got the email body formatted so that the answers are bold and the email sends everything perfectly (See attachment) ... But ...


Now I want to change the email body formatting so that if the answer is "YES" the answer it is bold & red ... this I cannot figure out how to do.



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I figured it out I think ... it may not be the "correct" way, but it does work ... so I'm happy!!


I made two conditions because I couldn't get the "NO" to work with only one.  So now, each "YES" condition sends out an email to different people and is formatted differently now too.

If the answers to the forms questions are all "NO", that email has no bold or colour and is sent to one person, and if the answers to any of the forms questions are "YES" then that email is formatted with bold and red and is sent to multiple people (Examples Attached).