How to find out who created a form

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someone created a MS Form and embeded it on a sharepoint online page. The form is giving an error now but no one knows who created it and I can only find the URL to the form, nothing else.

How do I find the owner or take ownership so we can work on the form?

thank you


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@Jason_B1025 if they embedded it on a SharePoint page then you can look at the version history of that page to find out who it was. Go to Site Pages and click the 3 dots next to the page and select Version History.


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@RobElliott Thanks I was able to find out who created the form, it was a terminated employee.

I was able to reset the password and get into the account and see the form.


How do I move it to another user? When the termed employees account is deleted will the form be deleted too?



I was able to find this post about transferring ownership.


Because this users was disable, I had to re-enable and add back to AD groups. its been 24 hours but I still don't see any groups to move the form to :(


May have to open a MS ticket.... :(  

@RobElliott What is the way if it is stand alone form? Any way to check who owns the form?

@Vinaydeep Ayinapurapu sorry I don't know of any way to find out who owns a form.


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@Jason_B1025 I was able to get the ID of the user with a bit of a hack. Here are sample steps:

-Access the form using this designer direct URL<YourFormID>

-Inspect the network traces. You will find a request similar to this'v4j5cvGGr0GRqy180BHbR1ccNeVH0Y5Bias6PVDCNbZUOUg4TkZJUEswSVQ1ODhNNkpHVVlMMldPTi4u')?$select=id,... 

-The ID in bold is the AAD ID of the user
-Use Graph Explorer - Microsoft Graph to run this request to retrieve the username and email address of the owner<UserID>

This is genius! thanks for sharing, worked perfectly for finding the owner

@toszypul ... how do you know what the form ID is when you only have a html link to display it?

@arthur26... The ID is the long value right after "FormID=" in the html link, but if you are not sure where it stops, you can get the ID by clicking Share on the form (if you are the owner/creator), then copy/paste the value to a note editor, there you would see the ID aftger "ResponsePage.aspx?id=".  Hope this helps.

Hot diggity this did it! I've been trying to figure this out all morning thank you!

Hi, thanks for your guide, unfortunately I have an issue permission when I use "designer" URL, do you know what maybe wrong? THX for any help!




@MaciekPar just by looking at the screenshot it seems you might not have sufficient permissions to open the form in the form designer. I would also try to check the technical details for more insights. To confirm its a permission issue you can also ask a more privileged user (like an admin) to run the same URL and see if it works for them. 

I just found it, you don't need permission just better eyes, Thanks Tomasz!!

@MaciekPar what was the better eyes? I'm getting the same error. Am I looking in the wrong place?

You need to inspect your network packets @steviebee, in the request url you should see the user guid.

Props to @toszypul for posting this.

@Josh Malik Thank you for the reply. I did actually find another way to resolve using edge's developer tools and powershell. I was able to track down the user who created the form. Thanks again for the reply though! I appreciate it. 

somebody buy this guy beer!

@steviebee what was your solution? Please share 

Hello, I'm feeling a little stymied in attempting to make headway with your advice here. I'm not exactly a noobie when it comes to network traces but it has not been part of my tool box for some time. I've tried WPA and Wireshark and simply not finding anything that corresponds to the request as mentioned in your response. Hopefully you or someone else viewing this thread might provided some additional details as to process and tools used if they have been successful in gathering an owner or group GUID following this routine. Thanks in advance for any assistance.