How to export data from multiple Forms to a single excel spreadsheet?

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Hi! I created a few Forms but I need to extract data from all these Forms into A single excel spreadsheet so that I can filter and analysis the data. For example, I need to extract the people details that have completed the Forms from multiple Forms. Is there a way to do it? Right now, I can only export data from one Form to an excel spreadsheet and if I will to do that for 5 Forms, I will need to do it 5 times and I will have 5 spreahsheets. Any simple work around solution? Appreciate all comments!
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Hi Watefishy


I am not aware of any feature that will allow you to download multiple results and consolidate to one spreadsheet at this time.


It maybe that you will need to copy and paste the data from the sheets into one of your feedback forms to get those results. 


Best wishes with your Forms!




Hi Watefishy,
This is the exact issue I have too and I joined this group to figure out how!? Did you manage to sort this? I was thinking of using a flow connector and squirt it into Excel online but still coming up against the one survey per export issue....

In the same position wish they would allow to collate for reporting @watefishy 

@watefishy the only way to do this really is to have one flow in Power Automate for each of your forms with the "When a new response is submitted" trigger on each, but to have each response added as a row into the single spreadsheet.


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