How to enable "NEW QUIZ" option in Forms Pro?

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Does anyone have encountered with this problem and has a solution? I have created a new environment, however New Quiz option is disabled. What additional stepts in configuration I have to do that I would be able create a new quiz?



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Hi @gabrielek

Can you check a few things

- Can you see if you have multiple environments in the top right (where is says environment Forms Pro)? Click on it and switch to the one that says (default). This should be the one with Forms standard which contains the Quiz functionality

- In addition, log in to Forms admin panel via https://login.microsoftonline and through the Forms icon on screen or through the launcher, not direct on the web

Forms pro (as shown) is a little different to Forms standard and is about enterprise survey solutions, not forms and quizzes, so I think the solution would simply be to change that environment back to default and they should light up.

Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard , thank you for your help.


 We couldn't be able to work with Forms pro in default environment because there is permission issues we can't solve. In default environment we can create "New Quiz", but not "New Pro Survey"...