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How to embed a MS Form in to a Condition in a Power Automate flow

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I have a flow which is a condition which needs to send an email with a new MS Form link embeded/hyperlinked within it.  Currently it will not allow the form link to be a hyperlink, it would only work is the receiver right-click on the text and clicks open hyperlink.  It does not appear underlined as it does in the MS link underneath (when it gives you the option to unsubscribe).    Can anyone help?

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@Wales13 you need to click the </> code view button in the toolbar at the top of the Body field in the email action, then use html tags throughout your email body. For a link to a form it would look like this:

<a href="">Leaver Feedback Questionnaire</a>




The link in the email will be underlined and clickable:




Los Gallardos
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Fantastic Rob - thank you for your response, it worked! :)