How to display dynamic content in a form

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Hi there, here's the usecase I'm trying to implement:


  • Every day I send out (via MS Flow) an Email with a different question to a bunch of recipients
  • In each Email there is a link to a Form where the recipients can enter their answer to the given question
  • Everyday, the answers are processed by some Flows

Ideally, the form would look like this:


Please answer the following question:



Your answer:


 The problem I am facing is with the <question> part:


  1. Having different Forms for each questions would be "right". But manually generating a new Form for each question is too tedious ; even with the use of templates. And I haven't found a way to automate this process.
  2. As answered here, prepopulation of fields is not (yet) supported by Microsoft Forms (or is it?), so I cannot have a generic Form with a placeholder that is then replaced via Query URL parameters, can I?

Any creative idea how I can solve this workflow?




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The same question. @Timothée Bourguignon, have you found some solution for it?

Unfortunately not :( luck. anyway, thank you for your reply.

P.s. The enhancement with similar functionality has already collected 442 votes, by this link
you can left your vote too, if you didn't yet.