How to deny the filling after submit

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How to deny the form filling after submit?

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it's for anyone "not in the organisation"

You shouldn't have to reject submissions, you should be able to block someone from submitting at all if they're outside the organization. In your Form's settings, there's a toggle for allowing access outside the organization, just turn that off.



Dear Matt,
Thanks for your response.
But, I want to block the one who is out of the organization;
block = can’t fill twice

I'm afraid I don't completely understand your question, but I'll take a stab at a couple things--in the same image I posted, there's also a toggle for blocking multiple submissions from the same organizational users. If you're looking to block multiple responses from anonymous users, I don't believe that's possible--even if there was an option for it, people could game it with incognito/inPrivate anyway.

Exactly.. i want to block multiple responses from anonymous users.

I don't think you'll be able to block the same anonymous user from doing multiple submissions. While I see a couple cases why that might be useful, there's no reliable way to force this to occur.